You might have the latest security system install at your property to provide ultimate protection to your business or home. However, these security measures play an important role in providing protection, but they are often not enough to meet all your security requirements. With the upsurge in crime rates, business owners are forced to reconsider their security options. Armed security guards are one of the most cost-effective ways to secure your valuable assets.

Maytof Security Guard Services LLC has been providing efficient and reliable armed security services across Houston since 2003. Our security guards are highly trained to meet all your security needs. No matter you need security services for private events, executives and VIPs, residential properties, and offices, we have got you covered. We have security guards who are retired law enforcement and military personnel and possess extensive tactical experience. This experience, when paired with our intensive, personal security training, our clients can feel confident that they are getting the best protection.

Whether you need temporary security service for a one-time event, several months for a construction project, or long-term security for your property premises, we assure you to exceed your security expectations. Our  guards are professional, competent, and effective. Moreover, our security officers use force when it is required.

Why Your Business Require Armed Security Guards?

There are manifold benefits of having a visible presence of armed security guards at your premises. However, the main role is to deter potential crimes and provide a prompt response to immediate threats. Our guards are trained to handle a variety of situations, and protecting personnel and your property is our top priority.

Overall, the presence of security guards who possess a weapon will deter potential vandals from harming the property or engaging in any other criminal activity on your property. Further, the armed guards set the tone for criminals that safety and security are taken seriously. Security alarms combined with armed guards offer a level of safety that is second to none.

Also, in the situation when the criminal decides to proceed with his criminal plans, then the deployed armed security guard will take immediate action to respond to the threat. Our guards use their skills and knowledge as per the specific situation. At Maytof Security Guard Services LLC, our security guards also know how to resolve a conflict effectively. They will use appropriate de-escalation tactics that will allow for a peaceful resolution.

Moreover, our armed security guards can execute a variety of security services that include:

1. Threat assessments

2. Performing foot and vehicle patrols

3. Event and property access

4. Communicating with law enforcement

5. Providing assistance to the people

6. Reporting of any security threats

7. Supporting management in security tasks as required

Why Hire Maytof Security Guard Services LLC?

Extensive Training and Background Checks

One of the main reasons why our valuable clients trust us is because all of our security personnel has undergone rigorous training. This enables them to provide safe, reliable, and secure service. Apart from receiving their license, each one of our security guards has a thorough background check and drug tests.

Expert Security Planning Services

Once you hire the Maytof Security Guard Services LLC security guard services, we closely work with you to discuss your security requirements. After that, we devise a comprehensive security plan that will suit all your specific security requirements.

We have a team that possesses years of experience and can guide you properly in developing a cost-effective security plan for your property or any event you are organizing. Whether you need part time security services or require an armed officer to escort executives and VIPs to and from their vehicles, you can count on our professionals.

Call Us Today To Learn More About Our Armed Security Services!

At Maytof Security Guard Services LLC, safety is our main concern. This is why our security guards are continuously given professional development training to keep up with the current armed guard’s regulations of the industry. We provide our security services across Houston. Furthermore, if you are concerned about the prices, we can assure you that we provide competitive market prices. So no matter what your budget is, you can hire our services.

If you need more information about our armed and unarmed security guard services, Maytof Security Guard Services LLC is the best choice. We provide our services 24/7. You can contact us at (281) 773-7515, (713) 714-8646, or send us an email at

So do not wait and invest in your security by hiring our services. And keep your valuables, personnel, or loved ones safe. Our client’s requirements always come first and are flexible enough to accommodate any type of security services. Please visit our website and browse the range of services we are offering and book the one that meets your requirements.