Research has shown that the majority of crimes occur at a time when no one is at home. During the months of July and August, most burglaries have been reported. Thus, it becomes imperative to secure your property and family as you won’t like to suffer from a traumatizing event. Maytof Security Guard Services LLC provides professional residential security services.

We provide cost-effective security solutions that will deter burglars and vandals from trespassing into your area. We firmly believe that prevention is better than cure, and through proper planning, crimes can be prevented. So protect your property with our highly trained officers and have peace of mind.

Moreover, we provide an extensive range of residential services that will meet your specific security needs. We can provide a guard to protect a single residence or a team of security officers for resident associations. Our guards can be a highly visible deterrent or discrete; it all depends on your preferences. We work with you to avert vandalism, burglary, and other criminal activities.

How We Protect Your Property?

We have trained our residential security guards to remain vigilant all the time. They can spot any suspicious activity and prevent it from happening before it can cause any damage. They know that you value the sanctity of your home, and therefore they know what areas and behavior to look out for, check areas that are vulnerable, and what steps to take when encounter individuals trespassing. Our residential security services include:

1. A thorough and proper security assessment of the particular area.

2. Analyzing the size and location of the area, apartment, neighborhood, road traffic, and foot traffic.

3. Security gaps and needs analysis of the entire community.

4. Assessing the effectiveness of all security alarms and monitoring systems 

5. Devising security strategies that fully secure the specific area.

6. Drawing up mutually consent security policies and rules.

Offer Dedicated Mobile Patrol Services

In our mobile patrol services, a highly visible uniformed security officer in a marked security vehicle patrol the neighborhood. These can be executed during both day and night for a specific number of hours or shifts.

Maytof Security Guard Services LLC possesses over 16 years of experience, skilled manpower, and the latest technology. This enables us to provide you with the finest security services available. Our security guards services are the best and powerful alternative for safeguarding residential communities.

Moreover, our patrol service officers are rigorously trained, and many of our officers are retired law enforcement or military personnel. The skills they possess are acquired through years of experience. However, we also continuously provide training to our officers that are up to date and adhere to existing law rules and regulations. 

With Maytof Security Guard Services LLC, you also get the opportunity to keep check of your assets and security guards. The GPS equipment we provide permits you to keep track of security officers in real time. Our latest system allows you to receive and view daily security reports. It includes messaging and pictures regarding your property. We can proudly say that our patrol services continue to be a cutting edge of security technologies and services. So give us a chance, and we assure you that you get premium quality security service and nothing less than that. 

Contact Our Team Today And Book Our Security Services

Furthermore, we support our security measures and their ability to assist home security in the best possible way. No matter where you live, in a gated community, suburban neighborhood, or manage an apartment complex, we offer quality security services and give utmost priority to resident’s welfare. Our security guards can efficiently manage entry and exit to patrolling the grounds. They are fully equipped and use appropriate security measures to keep any type of trouble at bay. By hiring our services, you get the peace of mind that you deserve.

At Maytof Security Guard Services LLC, we value our clients. Our dedication to work has made us one of the trustworthy security companies. We are highly flexible, which means that we can easily accommodate each and every client’s specific needs and requirements. Not only this, but we also excel in our customer support service and management that leaves no stone unturned to handle any challenge effectively with quick, flexible, and decisive resolution.

For further assistance, please feel free to get in touch with us at (281) 773-7515, (713) 714-8646, or send us an email at We are available 24/7 and assure to provide a prompt response.