Houston is one of the top five most populated cities and is a hub for large companies in the energy, biomedical, aeronautics, manufacturing, and healthcare industries. The business has many high-value assets, and this makes security a top concern in the Houston area. You need a security guard in Houston service of a professional company, and this is where we come to help.

Maytof Security Guard Services LLC was established in 2003 and had worked its way up to be recognized as a trusted security company. We provide highly competent, reliable, and experienced security officers in Houston. This has made us one of the leading security companies in the residential and commercial sectors.

Top Quality Security Guard Service Houston

At Maytof Security Guard Services LLC, we apprehend that no businesses are the same and have different security requirements. This is the main reason why we personalize our services that fit your requirements and remains within your budget. Also, we endeavor to provide impeccable services and that too at competitive prices. 

Whether you need a security guard to provide protection to a high-profile client or manage access effectively at a stakeholder meeting, we have got you covered. We offer both armed and unarmed security guards that can meet your short-term or long-term tasks. Furthermore, by hiring our services, you can rest assured that a professional team of security guards has been deployed to protect your business. They can handle any security challenge that comes their way.

Offer Comprehensive Security Services for the Houston

We offer our valuable clients a comprehensive range of security services. It includes:

1. Unarmed security guards

2. Armed security guards

3. Mobile patrol

4. Event security

5. Corporate security and much more

Unarmed guards services

So, do you need strong and reliable security guard services? Our unarmed guard’s services are the ideal choice. Our team of security guards has been given specialized training. They make sure all security requirements and safety protocols are met. They strictly adhere to the security code and ethics. So you only get professional services. You can hire our security services both for short and long-term and they are capable of meeting all your needs. We also provide emergency security services.

Armed guards services

Maytof Security Guard Services LLC armed guard services can assist in deterring potential criminals. It is a fact that criminals avoid entering a property premises that is properly guarded, especially the one that is armed and can use force if necessary. All of our security personnel are trained to handle weapons and when to use them. So, you can count on them that they will be there when you need them the most.

Call Us Today & Secure Your Property

Have you decided to increase and tighten up your security at the warehouse or office? If yes, then the team of professional security guards from Maytof Security Guard Services LLC would be happy to provide assistance. Our security guards use the latest technology to keep your property premises safe. Our security guards come to your place fully equipped with state of the art digital radio system and GPS equipment. It keeps track of your vehicles and makes sure to provide a prompt response. We also use GPS technology to keep track of our staff. And ensure they are precisely where they need to be.

Also, for our clients’ convenience, we have a fully developed website. It has all the details regarding the services we provide. Browse through our website and if you need more information or have a question, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Do you believe that your property is under threat and needs to be protected? Then add peace to your mind and call Maytof Security Guard Services LLC today. So, call us at (281) 773-7515, (713) 714-8646, or send us an email at info@maytofsecurity.com.