As a business owner, it is your responsibility to keep your employees, valuable equipment, and merchandize safe. With an upsurge in crime rates, the security of your property should not be taken lightly. Unarmed security guards are one of the cost-effective ways to keep your property protected. Maytof Security Guard Services LLC is one of the leading security companies that offer you highly qualified, trained, and licensed security officers. They will provide you the desired protection that you need for your property premises.

There is a misconception prevailing among business owners that only armed security guards can provide the highest level of protection. However, there are many reasons why unarmed security officers best fit your needs. Our dedicated staff will help you determine the best security strategies that work for your unique situation and fit your budget.

Who Need Unarmed Security Guard Services?

Are you in doubt and cannot decide whether to opt for armed or unarmed security officers for your home or office? We realize that such a situation can be stressful, especially when you have a limited budget. So make the right decision and hire Maytof Security Guard Services LLC. They will guide you properly and assist you in choosing the right security service for your needs.

How Unarmed Security Officers Protect Your Property?

Alarms and security cameras have certain limitations when it comes to protecting your property. Criminals and vandals know ways to spot them and how to avoid them. High-level security needs guards present on-site, and you can get that by hiring unarmed security guards.

Unarmed security guards offer all those benefits that an armed security officer provides in securing your property. However, the main difference is unarmed security services have a lower cost than armed security services. In many situations, unarmed security guards are all the company needs.

What Makes Our Security Guards So Effective?

1. Threat deterrent

The best and most effective way to prevent crime from happening is to have real security guards on-site. Simply having a visible presence on your property premises can deter any criminal thinking of trying to break-in. They can avoid cameras and alarms, but they know they cannot avoid actual on-site guards.

2. Expert in conflict management

Not everyone enters the property with an intention to create trouble. However, troubles occur in a blink of an eye, such as guest or visitor losing their temper and arguing or starting fighting. Our guards are trained to use appropriate de-escalation techniques and prevent the situation from becoming worse. Of course, if de-escalation does not work, they also have training in unarmed combat and suppressing unruly guests. 

3. Keep guests calm

Unarmed security guards also play an important role in keeping the guests calm. When customers or guests visit your place, they will be relaxed and at ease, knowing that security guards are there to protect them. This is not always the case with the armed security officers, as some visitors get nervous at the sight of visible guns. So it is often best for businesses to have unarmed guards.

Keep track of the security guards

Are you concerned about the amount of authority private security guards have? Worry not. At Maytof Security Guard Services LLC, we provide our clients with GPS tracking so that they can keep track of the movements of security guards around your property from time to time. This makes sure that everyone is at their right place, on their best behavior, and is always working in your interest.

Maytof Security Guard Services LLC has been providing premium security guard services across Houston since 2003. You can discuss all your security requirements with them without any hesitation, and they will provide you with cost-effective solutions.

High-Visibility Mobile Patrols

Mobile security patrols are one of the reliable and cost-effective security solutions for several businesses or homeowners. At Maytof Security Guard Services LLC, we offer our high-quality security mobile patrol services for:

1. Residential sector

2. Commercial sector

3. Retail properties

4. Parking lots

5. Construction sites and much more.

Moreover, we feel pride in providing personalized services to our valuable clients. We endeavor to make sure that we achieve and exceed security needs.

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